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Frequently asked questions

What are the advertising rules for advertisers?

Truthful and non-deceptive advertising is required; advertisement content should be for all age’s people; advertisers must provide evidence to support their claims; ads cannot be unfair etc. We don’t allow any type of fraudulent content to trap customers in the advertisement body. Fraud ads are strictly prohibited so contact us only for legitimate advertisements only.

How can I post a job announcement at your website?

To post a job announcement advertisement kindly contact with event manager or drop an email at: [email protected]. The best way of contact to us for advertisement is to send your queries through the advertisement inquiry form at our conference website. Also, you can send your queries through our contact us form.

Can advertisers use email IDs, telephone numbers, and other contact details in advertisements for display?

Yes, advertisers can use email IDs and other contact details with advertisements. It is helpful for lead generation and receiving customers’ queries directly.

May I advertise which is not related to the scientific event topic?

Yes, we accept all types of advertisements for services, products, apps, or any kind of equipment. It will also be accepted if the advertisement is not related to the conference topic.

Can you tell me how you will advertise my product?

We are offering three types of advertising opportunities. You can choose any one from below:

Type -1: The first type is website advertisement; in this type, we will display a banner with the name, logo, small descriptions, and website link of the advertising organization or service on our website for six months.

Type -2: In the second type, we will provide a single page on our website with the name, logo, website link, and long descriptions about the advertising organization or service along with a short video for six months.

Type 3: In the third type, we will provide you the opportunity to promote your brand or product virtually through online presentations in the event venue along with the facilities of the first type of advertisement i.e. display banner with the name, small description, and website link. For the third type of advertisement, we will provide two free registration tickets to every advertiser to join us virtually and promote their products or services through online presentations.