Technical Program For E-Poster

Deploy your research through an e-Poster presentation!

Displaycia is welcoming participants from across the world to present electronic posters (e-Posters) at our conferences. The electronic poster is a multimedia version of a poster to show during conference days on a large screen at the meeting hall. Basically, for e-Poster presentations, no need for the physical presence of the presenters at our conference venue. If presenters are available during the conference days then they can join our event virtually from their home or workplace to present their e-Poster otherwise one of our volunteers will display their e-Poster at our meeting hall. And e-Poster presenters don’t have access to all sessions of our conferences; they can join only poster sessions online. We will provide 5 minutes time for every e-Poster presentation during the poster sessions on our display screen in the meeting hall and will provide another 2 minutes time for discussion and raising questions about that particular e-Poster. We will forward each and every query and suggestion to the presenter about their e-Poster through email and they can reply via email conversation. But interested e-Poster presenters can join our event by paying an extra delegate charge; in that case, they can present their e-Poster presentation physically during the poster sessions and they can answer all questions about their presentation instantly. In-person presence is always helpful to collect feedback face-to-face and improve the research work by the expert's suggestions. For the e-Poster presentation first need to submit the abstract of the presentation to us and if it got accepted by our peer review committee, then they can submit their e-Poster presentation for our conferences. And we will publish all accepted abstracts for e-Poster presentation in our event proceedings. And only registered participants can submit e-Posters.

E-Poster preparation guidelines:

  1. 1. E-Posters should be in PDF format and consist of one page only.

  1. 2. Provide clear headings and the presenter’s name, contact numbers, email id, and affiliation.

  1. 3. Need a clear and well-constructed poster with good quality images and tables (avoid copyrighted materials).

  1. 4. Animated images, hyperlinks, and videos are not required. If you want, then use QR codes.

5. Font style should be Times New Roman or Calibri with a font size between 12 or 14 and avoid overlapping of content.

  1. 6. Sound is not required and the poster files should not be password-protected or read-only.

  1. 7. Use light text on dark background. And poster should be composed in a 16/9 ratio.

  1. 8. Make sure the poster size should not be more than 20MB. All e-Posters should be prepared in English.

Frequently Asked Questions

First presenters need to submit an abstract about their presentation. Then that abstract will go for the peer review process. After that, if it got accepted by our peer review committee then we will send you an abstract acceptance letter. Then presenters need to complete the registration process through our website. After the registration process, they can send their e-Poster by maintaining the above guidelines for presentation.

No, we are not providing certificates for the e-Poster presentations.

Kindly use landscape mode with a 16/9 ratio.

No, for the e-Poster presentation, there is no award.

Yes, you can convert your published paper into a poster presentation for our conference. Sharing your work with other scholars is an effective method of promoting your research.