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Frequently asked questions

How do I send the product materials for promotion to the venue?

It is totally the sponsors' responsibility to send their product and related materials to the event venue for the show and promotion of their product. Your materials should be sent to the venue approximately five days before the event. Kindly contact with an international courier service accordingly to send your materials on time. It will be helpful if you tell us the number of boxes so that we can follow up with the venue on your behalf.

Are accommodation and travel expenses also covered in my sponsorship package?

Travel and accommodation expenses are usually not covered. We provide this sponsorship opportunity only on an event basis not a yearly or half-yearly basis. For every event, we provide two complimentary registration pass, and one complimentary registration for poster presentation free of cost to every sponsor. But for accommodation and travel they have to pay on their own.

Is there a way to contribute something besides registration?

Yes, sponsors can donate something besides registration. Displaycia events accept all types of donations, including food, drinks, and other supplies. Donations in the form of gift cards are also welcome from food establishments. Or, as a form of donation, sponsors can also provide kits for all the attendees.

Is there a particular date or time limit for individuals or organizations to become a sponsor for Displaycia?

There are no deadlines, but the sooner you do it, the better! You can join us as a sponsor anytime before the event date. We suggest all sponsors to join us as soon as possible for marketing benefits and to add their logo to our conference materials.

Can sponsors be able to join online?

Yes, sponsors can join our event online.