Terms And Conditions For Displaycia

All terms and conditions on this page are applicable to every registered person at Displaycia events. Read all the below points carefully regarding our terms and conditions. By registering for any of our events, you agree that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.

All of our event dates are unchangeable, and you don't have any right to raise requests to cancel or postpone any events for personal reasons. Also, you can’t reallocate your booking fee to any upcoming events. But we (Displaycia) reserve the right to change the event dates, venue, timing, speakers, presentation slots, event website content, or any event-related program for any special reasons. In case of an insufficient number of participants, any serious organizational reasons, or any inevitable accident, we may cancel events or change the event format for the client's benefit. In that case, we will inform all attendees, community members, and others about changes through early notifications, email, social media, blog posts, or other media. Also, we will update you about the changes in our event website’s notification section.

Your shared information details at the time of registration may be used to keep you up to date on our upcoming meetings or any changes to our events. We will use some of your non-sensitive information (like your name, affiliation, institute, presentation title, research interests, etc.) for the promotion of our events and the indexing of your profile. Also, we may upload all that information to our event websites for better visibility with the purpose of ensuring successful events.

Issued any type of ticket/pass is valid with the registered person's name only; it can be transferred to another person's name to participate in our events by a writing confirmation. If anyone wants to bring accompanying persons then they need to inform us at the time of registration and need to pay some extra charge.

We are not responsible for any attendee’s action or behavior during the events; all attendees need to take care of their behavior with respect and consideration to others during the events and actions should be formal and professional. We will not tolerate any behavior during the event that is mean or violent. If we find any type of issue regarding this then we will take action against them on an immediate basis. We are committed to providing a safe and productive environment to all our participants.

We are not responsible for the visa process of attendees; only we can help them by providing invitation letters and other required important documents.

We can delete or remove any published content or article from our website at any time if we find any issue regarding that content. You don’t have any authority to question about that. And our website's content may be hyperlinked with different third-party websites, it is subjected to promotion and marketing.

All communication and presentations at our events should be in the English language only to create an international platform. We suggest all presenters not use any copyrighted materials in their presentations. If there is any copyright issue we are not responsible for that it is total responsibility of presenters. We are following basic copyright laws. You can’t use any of our services in unauthorized way or for any illegal work.

You have to pay for any damages or expenses (excluding registration facilities) made by you during the event days. We are not responsible for your personal expenses as we are taking a very less and reasonable amount for registration. And registration fee is not including with travel and accommodation.

During the event, unauthorized use of any photographic and recording items is strictly prohibited. If you want then you can collect your photos and other recordings after the event from our professional photographer in free of cost. All attendees need to take care of their own accessories; we are not responsible for any personal items of our event attendees.

Only accepted abstracts by our peer review committee will be published in conference proceedings at our websites with a DOI. But we will not publish any rejected abstract to maintain a standard quality. We do not provide any type of guarantee for the indexing of abstracts in any particular database. In some special cases, we may publish some accepted abstracts of event participants who are registered for our events but due to so reasons, are unable to join our events physically.

We have the right to monitor every comment or any type of feedback about us. If we find any offensive/issue regarding any comment in that case we can remove that comment without any intimation. We provide only recent information about any subject which is available at that time, if any of our information is inappropriate or not related to the topic then that is totally unwanted and absent of our knowledge.

Your place/seat will be booked after the payment process only, without registration no seat is booked for anyone. After the payment, we will send you a payment confirmation email, payment receipt, and invitation letter within three working days.

Our terms and conditions may update in the future, check this page periodically to know about any changes; we will notify you about changes through email communication or by post. Some additional terms and conditions may be applicable for some special events. We follow the laws of India and the place of jurisdiction is Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

To get quick updates, we are encouraging you to subscribe to our website. For more details or any questions about our terms and conditions, kindly contact us at: [email protected]