Technical Program For Video Presentation

Meet our event gathering virtually through a video presentation!

Displaycia brings video presentation opportunities to speakers who are unable to attend our events either physically or virtually due to schedule conflicts or any other reason. They can send a pre-recorded video to us of their research presentation and one of our volunteers will display their recorded video presentations at our meeting hall. We will provide a giant screen at our conference hall to show video presentations. We will forward all queries and suggestions from meeting attendees to the presenters about their video presentations through email and presenters can reply via email conversation. All video presentation duration should be 15-20 minutes. Presenters can use any of the devices (digital camera, handy cam, etc.) to record their presentations. For the video presentation first, presenters need to send their abstract with a complete biography to us for the peer review process, if it gets accepted by our peer review committee members then they can go for a video presentation. We will publish all accepted abstracts for video presentations in our conference proceedings. All interested participants are requested to complete the registration process and submit their pre-recorded video as soon as possible for technical and other necessary arrangements at our event venue.

Benefits of video presentation:

  1. 1. We will provide a certificate of recognition to every video presenter. After the conference, we will send a soft copy of the certificate to the presenter.

  1. 2. We will publish all accepted abstracts for the video presentations in event proceedings.

  1. 3. We will include all the titles of the video presentation in our scientific program.

  1. 4. We will help for the profile indexing of video presenters with video presentation titles.

  1. 5. To help visitors learn more about your research, we will also post this presentation video on our various channels after the conference.

  1. 6. Video presenters can improve their research work through online experts’ suggestions and attendees’ feedback from our events.

Frequently Asked Questions

We mainly prefer AVI video format and also we accept MP4, WMV, and MOV video formats. But before sending the video make sure that your video recording should be playing on Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, and other operating systems.

Yes, you can add soft music or sound to make your presentation more attractive. But use low-sound background music, for trouble-free presentation.

After preparing your presentation, send us your video recording through email or any of our online platform.

Yes, you can do changes to your presentation after submission also. But in that case, you have to resubmit the final copy of your video presentation before the day of the conference.

No, each participant can submit only one video.