Become a Media Partner with Displaycia

Join Displaycia as a Media Partner and Expand Your Global Network

Displaycia welcomes all good quality media partners to help us to organize successful conferences. We are looking for a long-term relationship with media partners using promotional benefits. Media partnerships are always vital for us to gain the visibility and credibility of our events. We want to work with media partners for the mutual benefit of both organizations. Be a media partner in our meetings and connect your organization to a unique global network.

Roles of Media Partners in our events:
  1. 1. Help us to increase our conference website traffic by linking the conference website with your website. And add our logo and conference e-banners to your company website and other related websites to highlight us.
  1. 2. Promote our conferences through your websites and social media platforms. Hyperlink some keywords of your website content with our conference website link.
  1. 3. Include information about our meetings in your newsletter and press releases. And promote our conferences in every possible way.
  1. 4. Post our meeting posters and banners on your social media platforms to spread information about our events worldwide. Also, update the upcoming Displaycia events list on your social media platforms.
  1. 5. Send emails to your mailing database to inform your members about our events.
  1. 6. Provide us with media coverage for our events.
Benefits of being a Media Partner in our events:
  1. 1. Increase your website traffic by linking your website with us. We will add your logo and a short description of your organization on our conference websites.
  1. 2. Increase your brand value and your product sell rate with us.
  1. 3. We will help to increase your social media followers.
  1. 4. We will add your organization's logo in our website, conference brochure, conference program book, and social media posts.
  1. 5. We will provide a special discount on the registration price for your members.

6. We will provide a complimentary guest pass to each media partner for networking with our attendees and conducting interviews with speakers, sponsors, and others.