Displaycia Refund and Cancellation Policy

Our events are fixed, and we will not cancel any event intentionally; however, if any of our events are canceled due to an act of God, serious organizational reasons, or a lack of participants, we will refund you the full registration fee.

We anticipate that all registrants will be able to take part in our events. If anyone does not attend our events for any personal reason and does not complete the cancellation process, in that case, we will not refund any amount after the event.

If you cancel your registration within 7 days after your registration date and apply for a refund of your payment, then you will get an 80% refund of your paid amount. And the other 20% is non-refundable as a processing charge.

For every refund and cancellation process, we need a short and concise email confirmation with the proper reasons. After the payment process and slot confirmation, if you apply to cancel your participation and apply for a refund of your amount on an immediate basis; in that case, you have to show proper reasons for registration cancellation to us. In some particular cases, our organization may ask for proof of the reason behind the cancellation and the required documents. Refund requests without any proper reasons will not be considered.

If you cancel your registration before 30 days of the event's scheduled dates and raise a refund request, then you will get 50% of your registration amount as a refund.

If we receive any refund request less than one month from the scheduled event date, in that case, we will decline that request, and no refund will be issued from our side.

All refunds will be issued in the same way as the original payment. Payments made via credit or debit cards will be refunded back to the original card used for the transaction. In the case of other payment methods, a bank transfer will be initiated to the designated account of the payee. All refunds will be credited to the registered person’s account within 30 days of the cancellation date.

If any online participant could not join our events properly due to connectivity issues or technology issues on the participant’s side, in that case, the registration fee is not refundable.

Note: All of our registration fees and tickets are included in the GST. For any type of refund process, the GST fee is not refundable.