Technical Program For Oral Presentation

Globalize your research work with oral presentation!

With the aim to engage the participants with the verbal presentation, Displaycia invites all well knowledgeable and eminent persons around the globe to present an oral presentation on their research work. The oral presentation is a research-based presentation with the help of a PPT that is presented by a physical presenter in a conference venue. For oral presentations, all interested people need to submit their abstracts to us for the peer review process. If the submitted abstract got accepted by our peer review committee then only they can join for oral presentation at our events. We will provide 20 minutes time to each oral presenter for the presentation and 5 minutes time for the introduction and questions and answers about the presentation. Every speaker should be well educated and expert in the area of presentation to join our events. Speakers can take the help of PPT or PDF for presentation and images, key points, figures, video, and audio will be preferred more over text in PPT. Speakers should reach the meeting hall before the scheduled time and inform the session chair about what you going to present. And presentation should be based on the submitted abstract only. We advise you to bring at least two extra copies of your presentation to the meeting in case one doesn't work. We also provide all types of on-site technical assistants to the presenter for presentations like - laptops, projectors, screens, microphones, pointers, Wi-Fi, etc. If an oral presenter requires help from our side for the visa process, we will help them with an invitation letter and other necessary documents after the registration process.

Benefits of speakers at our physical events:

  1. 1. We will provide the best oral presentation awards from every session on the last day of the conference, whom the session chairs will select.

  1. 2. We will provide a certificate of recognition to every oral presenter by conference chairs.

  1. 3. We will create an individual speaker profile page for each and every oral presenter on our website. And we will help with the indexing of the speaker profile with the abstract title.

  1. 4. All accepted abstracts will be published in conference proceedings.

  1. 5. We will provide conference kits, an abstract book, and other necessary conference materials on the day of the conference. Also, we will provide lunch, tea/coffee and snacks during the conference days.

  1. 6. Speakers can avail of the best networking opportunity at any time with our conference attendees. And they can also continue this networking opportunity after the conference by joining our community.

  1. 7. The respective organization's logo of the presenter will be added to all conference materials.

Benefits of speakers at our webinars:

  1. 1. Speakers can join our webinar from their home or workplace online, for presentations don’t need to travel to any other location.

  1. 2. Speakers can meet online with our attendees without any restrictions or hassle. They can create a strong network for future work and the sustainability of their research work.

  1. 3. Our webinars are very cost-effective; to join our webinar we charge a minimal amount. Also, speakers can join our quality events without any travel or accommodation costs.

  1. 4. We will provide a recorded video of the presentation and a certificate of recognition to every presenter.

  1. 5. We will help with the profile indexing of presenters by creating an individual speaker profile with a short biography on our webinar. Also, we will promote them through social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you have the option to speak on either a previously published paper or the current research in which you are engaged. Additionally, should you wish to publish the paper you are currently working on, we would be delighted to assist you in doing so.

No. any form of personal recording is against our company policy.

We are unable to change the presentation slot and time after the final scientific program preparation. But if you face any difficulty with the presentation slot then we can interchange your slot with other speaker by requesting them (if anyone agrees with our proposal).

The session chair can be any organizing committee member or any keynote speaker or any eminent person from our attendees. Session chairs are decided based on knowledge and experience.

Yes, co-authors also can present their research work; if the main author is agreeing with that and the main author has no objection to that. And kindly mention all author's details clearly before submitting any abstract.

Only one abstract will be accepted for a particular presenter for the event and he will be provided with only one slot for the presentation.

Yes, we offer opportunities for PhD students to present their research as speakers at our conferences. If you are conducting research related to the field of study, you can showcase and publish your work at our events. If you prefer not to present but still want to engage, you can also join as a delegate.