Unlock your creativity with a workshop at our events

To convey practical knowledge on a particular topic, Displaycia brings workshop opportunities at upcoming conferences. We welcome all research-minded academic and business professionals to organize workshops at our conferences. Interested speakers can organize workshops individually or with the help of their research team to distribute their research through practical application and hands-on training. It will help delegates and other attendees to know your research in a better way. A workshop is the best platform for researchers to share some actual practices of the research concepts. The workshops are beneficial for both presenters and listeners, by interactions and conversations with experienced and knowledgeable peers presenters can learn others' knowledge and view their research more effective way whereas listeners can make long-lasting connections with people who are working in the same field. Also, presenters can meet with other helping professionals to learn new techniques and new ideas for better professional growth. We will provide a maximum of one hour for one workshop. Presenters need to carry all required instruments for workshops; we will provide only basic items of the conference for presentation.

Benefits of Workshops in Displaycia:
  1. 1. Get your research recognition globally and globalize your research by organizing a workshop at our conference.

2. The workshops are the best platform for students and budding scientists for future career growth with the help of new-age technologies and modern education. Workshops at our conferences will help students to increase their knowledge on a particular topic through the practical presentation of researchers.

  1. 3. At our conferences and workshops, presenters can receive feedback about their research work from our attendees and other colleagues. It will help for better application and improvement of their research work. Also, it will improve their work as a professional.
  1. 4. Industry professionals also can organize a workshop at our events to elaborate on mechanisms, new technology, or the use of any product. It will help to better understand about your product and boost your business. Or, learn new ideas from other experienced colleagues to grow your organization.
  1. 5. A workshop is a way to learn something new with fun which is different from the regular classroom. An in-person workshop will make you happy by switching to a new environment with new people and sharing other people's experiences.