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List Of Event Proceedings

Global Webinar on Oncology 2024 | Event Proceedings
ID Title Name
GWO2024001 Understanding the Apoptotic Mechanistic Approach in Development of Cancer Therapeutics Gul-e-Saba Chaudhry
GWO2024002 Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of Image Quality in Multiphasic MDCT Examination for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients Mohamed Zakaria Ahmed
GWO2024003 The Effect of Hepatic Steatosis on 18F‑FDG Uptake in PET‑CT Examinations of Cancer Magdy Ali Abdou Gouda
GWO2024004 Design and Development of Surface Engineered Folic Acid Grafted Magnetic 2D Carbon Backbone Nanocarrier for Selective Inhibition of Lung Cancer Mahesh P. More
GWO2024005 Advancements in Biomimetic Nanomaterials in the Deactivation of NFκb Receptors in Cancer Aayush
GWO2024006 Effectiveness of Stress Coping Training on Immune System and Pain Level in Patients with Breast Cancer Mohammad Dorchin
GWO2024007 Prevalence of Hopelessness and Suicidal Ideation and Their Associated Factors among Pediatric Patients with Leukemia Haleh Bozorgi
Global Webinar on Human Behavioral Science 2024 | Event Proceedings
ID Title Name
GWHBS2024001 Examining Factors That Influence Learner Retention in MOOCs During the COVID-19 Pandemic Time Yu Zhonggen
GWHBS2024002 Exploring Workplace Incivility and its Responses: A Cross-Cultural Research Between China and Pakistan Mujahid Iqbal
GWHBS2024003 A Comperative Study on Trends of Anxiety and Depression Among the Elderly Persons Living in Family and Old Age Home Koyeli Chakraborty Dutta
GWHBS2024004 Psychological Survival During Crises Rana Koshaha
GWHBS2024005 Social Media, the Weaponization of Lies, and the Distortion of American Culture Stephan A Schwartz
GWHBS2024006 Efficacy of Problem Management Plus Among College Students Ayesha Aziz
GWHBS2024007 Emotional Expressivity and Creativity: Its role in Life Satisfaction of Higher University Students Anamoy Hazarika
GWHBS2024008 Description of Belief-Process by Late Ludwig Witgenstein – Belief-Systems, Acceptance, and “Being Taken to Be True” Natalia Tomashpolskaia