Sponsorship Opportunities with Displaycia

By sponsoring Displaycia events, you can help meet your goal with an investment!

Displaycia offers sponsorship opportunities for all types of organizations within a reasonable budget. We invite you to sponsor our events for your organization's unique marketing goals and business development objectives. We will deliver you new ideas, innovations, strategies, tactics, and development news that directly help you to grow your business. By sponsoring our event, you can join our community to build a relationship with quality attendees, business leaders, educational professionals, leading scientists, and experts. Sponsorship in our meetings will help you with direct exposure to your brand and products in many exciting fields. Build new client relations and increase your customer database by sponsoring our events. You can use our events for marketing your products and it will help you to increase your brand visibility and credibility. We provide this sponsorship opportunity only on an event basis not a yearly or half-yearly basis.

Besides our physical event, we also provide sponsoring opportunities at our webinars. Sponsorship with us may be a helping hand on the road to your business being more successful, it can help your needs by fostering innovations.

Benefits of sponsors at our physical events:
  1. 1. We will provide two complimentary registration passes for free to the sponsoring company to join our events physically and promote their brand.
  1. 2. We will provide one sponsor booth to promote your brand or brand services at our events. Through this, you can do the promotion of your brand services and can increase your brand awareness.
  1. 3. You can sponsor the award ceremony by adding your organization's logo to all award mementos.
  1. 4. We will add your organization's logo with your website link and a small description of your organization on our conference home page and sponsorship page. Also, we will use your organization's logo on all pre-conference marketing materials and social media posts.
  1. 5. We will add an advertisement banner about your organization/product on our conference brochure, conference program, conference book, pre-conference attendee list, and conference proceedings.
  1. 6. We will promote your brand and product through our conference website and as well as all our social networking sites.
  1. 7. We will send THANK YOU email to all attendees with your company logo up to 60 days after the event.
  1. 8. We will display your organization logo in our conference hall and registration desks on conference days. We will announce your organization's name for sponsoring our meeting in the opening ceremony, coffee break, lunch break, and closing ceremony. Also, we will show a promotional video on your company products on the conference days.
  1. 9. We will add your organization's logo to our conference kits.
  1. 10. You can sponsor up to one poster presentations.

11. You can create one own slide about your organization to display on the screen in the meeting hall during the general session slide show.

  1. 12. We will provide sponsor ribbons for your on-site staff to highlight your contribution to our events.
Benefits of sponsors at our webinar:
  1. 1. For every sponsor, we provide two complimentary registrations pass for free to join our webinar.
  1. 2. At our webinars, sponsors can promote their brand in front of their target audience. This marketing strategy will definitely help to increase their brand visibility and product credibility.
  1. 3. Interested sponsors can add their logo to attendance certificates by paying an extra charge.
  1. 4. We will add the sponsor brand logo and a short description of your brand on our webinar home page and sponsor page.
  1. 5. Sponsors can send us one flyer or one 5-6 page slide show about their organization for presentation during the online meeting.
  1. 6. Sponsors can directly chat with our webinar attendees through our real-time chat opportunities and can discuss their brands and products. From our webinars, sponsors can collect suggestions and feedback about their brand for more development.
  1. 7. We will add all sponsors' logos to our all webinar documents. Along with that, we will promote sponsors' brands through our website and social media for more website traffic and product sale growth.