Collaborate with Displaycia, where Excellence Meets Success

Collaborate with Displaycia events for bridging excellence and success!

Displaycia cordially invites all educational institutions, research organizations, and associations to collaborate with us to organize successful conferences. Collaboration is a key element in research development and knowledge production. We will organize conferences on your campus or your preferred venue; in return, we want every possible support from your organization. Our collaborations will help for the sustainable future growth of both organizations. By collaborating with us, your members and students can join the Displaycia community, which will increase the academic value through the exchange of knowledge and information on and after the conferences and webinars. Our basic target is to bring all academicians, academic experts, and industry professionals under one platform from different areas. In order to make our events successful, participation from great associations like yours is very much required.

Benefits of collaborating with us:
  1. 1. Build a strong network with other organizations and other professionals by collaborating with us. It will help you to reach your target market for new clients and business partners.

2. You can suggest to us your preferred venue/campus, and we will organize conferences at your preferred venue.

  1. 3. You can provide training to your academicians and budding researchers through our conferences or webinars, which are different from the regular classroom. It will be helpful to remove their nervousness and future career growth as a professional.

4. You can appoint up to five members as keynote speakers, OCM, or peer review committee members from your organization without any cost. And for other attendees from your organization, we will provide good discounts on all types of registration prices.

5. All accepted abstracts from your organization will be published on our event proceedings.

  1. 6. Promote your institution/organization through our meetings; it will help you to increase your organization's visibility.
  1. 7. Academicians can increase practical knowledge from our workshops. Interested members from your organization also can organize workshops with their research team at our events.