Technical Program For Poster Presentation

Share your research findings through a poster presentation!

Dispalycia brings poster presentation opportunities to display your research in the form of a poster. A poster presentation is a practical visual communication concept to present your research work through text, images, charts, tables, graphs, etc. It is an exciting and easy way to present your project visually to our attendees. Poster presentations help the presenters to meet and speak with a large group of other scholars or interested viewers. Poster presentations allow viewers to read your research in their own structured way. Viewers can ask questions and doubts about your research methods or research findings face to face. It creates a greater platform for networking with the exchange of ideas. For poster presentations, the presenter’s physical presence is required. By poster presentation, you can get instant feedback on your work and can build relationships for future collaborations with viewers. With other's feedback and expert's suggestions, you can improve your research work and its result more. We will provide foam boards/card-boards, binder clips, and other necessary arrangements for presenters to display their posters in a better way. For the poster presentation also, presenters need to submit their abstract first and if it got accepted by our peer-review committee then they can go for a poster presentation.

Guidelines for Poster Presentation:

  1. 1. The text should be attractive, easily readable, and to the point. The Word count should be less than 1000 words.

  1. 2. The title should be short, snappy, clearly visible, and on target.

  1. 3. Use adjustable color combinations, fonts, bullets, numbering, and headlines.

  1. 4. Try to use good-quality images and diagrams. And avoid copyright materials.

  1. 5. On the poster use the presenter's name, email id, contact number, and institutional affiliation next to your title. And don't use any references in your poster.

  1. 6. Try to describe in your poster: what and why of your project.

  1. 7. Your role is to stand by your poster to offer information and answer questions about your project.

  1. 8. Use a high-quality laser to print your poster and laminate it to protect your poster. Try to submit your printed poster to us before one day of the conference or submit it to the organizing members at the registration table on the conference day.

  1. 9. Try to make your content more accessible by simplifying complex ideas.

Benefits of Poster Presentation:

  1. 1. A Poster presentation helps to boost your confidence when others are interested in your research work.

  1. 2. We will publish all accepted abstracts for poster presentation in event proceedings.

  1. 3. We will provide a special session for poster presentation during the conference days.

  1. 4. We will include all the titles of the poster presentations in our scientific program.

  1. 5. We will provide the best poster award to the selected member by session chairs after the poster session.

  1. 6. We will provide a certificate of recognition to every poster presenter by the organizing committee members. And we will help with the profile indexing of the poster presenter.

Frequently Asked Questions

All posters should be A1 paper size (594 × 841 mm or 59.4 × 84.1 cm or 23.4 × 33.1 inches). Also, we want to inform you, for poster making use only one basic font (Times New Roman, Arial, or Georgia).

Yes, students can present poster presentations. A poster presentation is very helpful for students to gain confidence and face-to-face discussion about research with other attendees.

No, for poster presentations any type of audio-visual equipment is not allowed.

Yes, two presenters can present one poster. But for that, both presenters need to be registered with us.

We will provide one poster session with duration of 2 hours for poster presentations.