Technical Program For Volunteer Opportunity

Confirm your presence as a volunteer at our event!

Displaycia is looking for dedicated people to join us as conference volunteers. For every event, we need 10 passionate volunteers. And this chance is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Our organization is not responsible for any type of travel, food, or accommodation for volunteers; if they need accommodation or food from our side, then they need to pay charges for that to us

Benefits for volunteers:

  1. 1. We will provide a certificate of recognition to every volunteer for their support in our event.

  1. 2. Networking opportunities are also available for volunteers with our conference attendees.

  1. 3. Volunteers can participate in the question and answer sessions during the conference.

  1. 4. Volunteers have access to all sessions at the conferences.

  1. 5. Volunteers can be part of our community by showing your leadership power.

  1. 6. Volunteers can add your volunteer experience to your CV and if you want, you can use our organization's logo on your social media accounts.

  1. 7. We will provide conference kits, free tea and coffee for volunteers during the event days.

Roles and responsibilities of volunteers in our conferences:

  1. 1. One of the most important roles of volunteers is sharing our event information with their contacts through oral communication, messages, social media advertising, or another possible way.

  1. 2. Help to set up the conference hall with necessary items (like – microphones, chairs, tables, etc.).

  1. 3. Help all attendees with their required information about our conference.

  1. 4. Keep the event safe, secure, and enjoyable for all our attendees.

  1. 5. Help in photography, videography, and for smooth event management along with social media assistance.

  1. 6. Help in ID distribution, attendance sheet signature, check-in process, and on-the-spot registration process at the reception desk.

  1. 7. Provide accurate information about the conference location and help attendees to reach in time.

  1. 8. Help in exhibitor hall direction and decoration.

  1. 9. Help in the smooth operation of a workshop with required arrangements.

  1. 10. Arrangement of group photo sessions and networking breaks during the events.

  1. 11. Introducing all attendees to each other and organizing fun activities during the event.

  1. 12. Assist catering staff for food and beverage services.

Requirements for Volunteers:

  1. 1. Need basic knowledge about conferences and join pre-event preparation activities with the event manager.

  1. 2. Need responsible and dedicated people in the age group between 20 to 50 years.

  1. 3. Need availability for the entire conference to work a minimum of 12 hrs/day.

  1. 4. Need to follow all rules of our organization, volunteer policies, and guidelines strictly.

For volunteer opportunity, kindly send us an email at: [email protected]
or for the link here to fill up the request form. [ Click Here... ]

Frequently Asked Questions

If any volunteer wants food facilities from our side then he has to pay a minimum charge of 99 Euro for both days. This charge may vary depending on the venue of the conference. We will provide lunch and snacks for both days and unlimited tea and coffee during the conference days.

Anyone with the age between 20 to 50 years can join as a volunteer at the conference. The only thing required for volunteering is basic knowledge of the conference and conference topic.

No, we are looking for volunteers from the hosting country. Because local people as a volunteer can communicate with hotel staff, local vendors, and other local people without any language barrier. And they know well about our conference venue to help our attendees.

Yes, we will provide a short training by our conference coordinator to all volunteers for volunteer work.

No, we don't have a volunteer-from-home opportunity for our summit. All volunteers should be present physically at our meeting venue.