Join Displaycia as an exhibitor and boost your business growth through face-to-face networking

Displaycia welcomes all potential organizations to take part as an exhibitor at our conferences. Our events are perfectly designed for exhibitors; they can use our events as a marketing medium between buyers and sellers. Our conferences will help all exhibitors to exhibit their products cost-effectively. At our events, exhibitors can connect with quality attendees, business leaders, educational professionals, leading scientists, and other business experts to promote their products and generate new leads. For a long-term relationship, exhibitors can join our community and they can contact interested community members directly for product promotion, feedback, and new lead generation. The most important thing is exhibition gives you face-to-face opportunities for networking and product marketing. Exhibition of a product is a key marketing strategy, and exhibition of any product at our events can play an important role in increasing sales and credibility of that product. Also, you can interact with other vendors directly through our meetings and can discuss their product marketing, sales strategy, and other new technologies to utilize in your business growth. If you want, you can join our conferences with your research team to exhibit your product/service in a better way.

Benefits of exhibitors at our events:
  1. 1. We will provide one booth to each exhibitor to promote their brand and products at our event. Through this, exhibitors can increase their brand awareness, product visibility, and sales rate. Also, they can meet with professionals and experts to collect reviews and suggestions for better development of their products at our conferences.
  1. 2. As a gesture of appreciation, we will provide two complimentary registration passes for free to each exhibitor, allowing them to attend our event in person and effectively promote their brand and products.
  1. 3. The exhibitor's logo, official website URL, and a brief description of their products will be showcased on both our conference home page and exhibitor page until the conference's end date. This initiative is designed to boost the exhibitor's popularity and exposure to our global audience.
  1. 4. The exhibitor's logo will be featured on all pre-conference promotional materials, digital documents, and social media posts.
  1. 5. Exhibitors will be displayed with an advertisement banner across our conference brochure, program book, pre-conference attendee list, and conference proceedings.
  1. 6. Exhibitors and their products will receive exclusive online promotions on all our social media platforms.
  1. 7. Each exhibitor has the opportunity to showcase one poster presentation free of cost during the poster session, in order to enhance the promotion of their products.
  1. 8. At the opening and closing ceremonies, the exhibitors' names will be announced along with their brand introductions.
  1. 9. A 90-second promotional video created by the exhibitor will be displayed on the giant screen twice during the conference days, showcasing their products and contact information.
  1. 10. At our next conference, exhibitors can avail a 15% discount on the registration fee.
  1. 11. We will provide a good discount on the registration price to the attendees who come through exhibitors.