Aug. 12, 2024 - Webinar

Global Webinar on Nursing

Theme: Investigating the Role of Nursing from Community Healthcare to Global Health

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Global Webinar on Nursing

We cordially invite nurses, healthcare professionals, researchers, nursing practitioners, academicians, administrators, policymakers, clinicians, medical knowledge seekers, and other all professionals related to nursing and healthcare to join this webinar. This webinar is focused on the theme “Investigating the Role of Nursing from Community Healthcare to Global Health”. This online platform is particularly designed for discussion and knowledge exchange of various aspects related to the nursing field. Join this webinar to disseminate your knowledge, research findings, strategies, and experience or to upgrade your knowledge on key topics of the nursing sector like the role of nursing in healthcare, recent advances, management, cutting-edge treatment processes, modern education and practice, innovative technology, ongoing research, improvements, and many more crucial topics. This webinar will play a critical role in bringing nursing to the forefront of global health discussions and provide opportunities for professionals to network and learn from each other.

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