Aug. 26, 2024 - Webinar

Global Webinar on Renewable Energy

Theme: The Future of Energy: Adapting to Renewable Energy

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Global Webinar on Renewable Energy

Welcome to the Global Webinar on Renewable Energy. The theme of this webinar is “The Future of Energy: Adapting to Renewable Energy”. Sustainable renewable energy requires developing key technologies, global collaboration, and addressing socio-economic challenges. We are confident that this global webinar will play an important role in finding solutions to future energy crises and developing towards sustainable energy by applying renewable energy sources. We hope this webinar will also help to overcome the global climate change danger from fossil fuels by increasing awareness and finding better solutions and strategies through various discussions. We are delighted to welcome all experts from around the world to discuss their research expertise, technology, and views on the most recent breakthroughs in renewable energy. Through its famous scientists, industrialists, eminent academics, participants, and young researchers, this webinar is an amalgamation of the varied spectrum of renewable energy.

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