Dec. 2, 2024 - Paris, France (Hybrid Event)

Global Conference on Human Behavioral Science

Theme: Unmasking the Essence of Human Behavior

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human behaviour conference

Global Conference on Human Behavioral Science

Welcome to the Global Conference on Human Behavioral Science, a prestigious gathering that brings together leading experts, researchers, and practitioners to explore the intricacies of human behavior through a multidisciplinary lens. In this intellectually stimulating event, we delve into the frontiers of neurobiology, cognitive psychology, social influences, and technological advancements that shape human actions, decisions, and interactions. Our sessions encompass a diverse range of tracks, from unraveling the neural circuits behind behavior to investigating the interplay between emotions and cognitive processes in decision-making. With a keen focus on cutting-edge research, this hybrid event serves as a platform for advancing our understanding of the complexities of human behavior and its implications for various fields, from neuroscience to policy-making. Join us in this journey of discovery and enlightenment as we navigate the fascinating landscape of human behavioral science.

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